Eumundi and Noosa

by pambythesea

Yesterday was wonderful! I took a break from working and looking for jobs to go with my friends Jodie and Kim to Noosa! They live in Townsville, but are on vacation. It was a lovely and relaxing day!

We started off heading to the Eumundi markets, which I think are always on Wednesday mornings and maybe on the weekend as well? I’ve heard great things about this place, but I have to say I think Australians have a very high tolerance for crap markets. I was hoping for lots of local art and crafts, and I saw only three stalls like that. The rest were just shite toys, kids clothes, crap jewellery and clothing, bathmats (?) and tacky plastic stuff. There were some great food stalls, but I really wouldn’t plan your schedule around this place. I should really organize a local crafts market for Brisbane! I did buy one, very hippy thing that I’ll put in another post.

After that, it was off to Noosa! What a wonderful place!

We lounged by the beach, and went on a nice walk along the coast. I was very jealous of all of the surfers, I wish I lived at the beach so I could get really good! We saw some humpback whale blows as we were walking, which was really great. I got home feeling refreshed and beachy (although I think I have a little cold now! Oh well!).

Thanks Jodie and Kim!