Nourishing my inner hippie

by pambythesea

Haha, that title was so hippie!

I am a scientist, and I generally think quite critically about cure-alls and ridiculous “weird old tricks”. But, I sometimes do get sucked in, and I have two examples! I was about to type that I have three examples since I LOVE acupuncture. It’s the only thing that works for my seasonal allergies. But that’s not a weird old trick! It’s real science and medicine! Anywhoo, on to two of my hippie tendencies:

Yesterday at the Eumundi markets I bought a Himalayan salt crystal lamp ($29).

I’ve wanted one of these for a while, and Joe has been wanting to buy me one as a present. I half wanted one because they are pretty, and half because the ocean puts out ions that make you happy, and since we’re not near the ocean, the salt lamp could kind of fill in that gap. Yeah, I know it’s ridiculous. Here are some of the things these lamps are supposed to do:

  • Reduce the amount of clearing you need to do in your home. (This was told to me, Jodie and Kim by the really nice woman who sold me the lamp. Our blank looks prompted her to elaborate that you would have to burn less incense because the air would already be cleared. Oooohhh. I thought she meant “cleaning”, and Kim thought she was trying to say there would be less clutter in your home. Now we know! Ugh, I hate incense)
  • Release negative ions into the air that combats the positive ions that electronics emit (silly I know, but this is the one I kind of believe)
  • Reorganize the epidermis of the skin (wow, Joe won’t recognize me when he gets home!)
  • Clean the air of dust, pollen, allergens and odours
  • Fight chronic fatigue, depression, and seasonal affective disorder
  • Helps with allergies, joint pain and illness
  • Detoxifies the body from impurities
  • Dissolves the lead, arsenic, mercury in your body (Just dissolves them! Amazing!)
  • Cures pretty much any other ailment you can think of  (Source. I love how the English gets worse the further down the page you read.)

So really, you can see that it is the perfect medicine. It’s a wonder more people don’t know about them 😐

Another magic cure-all is apple cider vinegar, or ACV as I now call it, like a true believer ($12).

I bought it because I read online that it can help clear your hair of gunk and make it really soft. My hair has been a bit crazy in Brisbane- fuller but it gets feeling greasy very quickly, and can be quite dry at the ends. Anywhoo, I diluted 1/3 of a cup in water, poured it over my head after shampooing, combed it through, left in on for a few minutes and rinsed. I have to say that it really works- my hair is much softer now! If you try it, keep your eyes closed! It really stings if it splashes in.

I’m also going to start taking 1 tbsp diluted in water every day, as I’ve read that it can make your skin look really clear and nice. Why not, right? I sipped it through my metal, reusable straw so that it didn’t touch my teeth, as it’s a really strong acid and can dissolve enamel.

While the skin-clearing thing is a hippie indulgence, I thought I would let you know all of the other “amazing” things it does, according to the internet (while those links are normal-looking, so many of the ACV sites look homemade and crazy. Like, if you’re going to make a website for ACV saying that it can cure blindness, maybe use all of the same size colour and font? Make it clear and concise? A bit more professional?!):

  • Detoxes the body (I really think detoxes are a load of sh&*. First of all, I don’t really think your liver can “detoxify”, second, just don’t eat crap to begin with and you’re good to go!)
  • Cures allergies, sinus problems, cold, and flu (don’t think so, but here’s hoping!)
  • Cures diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer and causes weight loss (these have actually been studied, and may be true, but grain of salt and all of that)
  • Helps with gout and heartburn (this I can actually believe, as those are acid-related issues)
  • Treats lice and warts (happily, I can not test ACV out on these as I don’t have either)

I’ve also read in other places it can clear up bruises, psoriasis, menstrual cramps, pretty much anything! I even read if you have a cold, soak a piece of brown paper in ACV, coat one side of it in black pepper, and place it pepper-side down on your chest. Then relax. Why the paper has to be brown, I have no idea.

So, for hair I give ACV a thumbs up, and for skin, I’ll report back in a month with before and after photos! What hippie indulgences do you allow yourself? Any magical cure-alls I should know about?