Summer scarves

by pambythesea

When I first got to Brisbane, it was still quite hot and steamy. A lot of the stores I walked by had light scarves for sale, and I wondered why the heck anyone would need a scarf in 35 degrees?! I think I finally have it figured out! First, I’m now cold when the temperature drops below 22, and have turned into a wimp. At night with a cool breeze in summer, I can totally expect I would want a scarf. Also, I hate wearing sunscreen (although I do because I’m so pale!), and I definitely want a summer scarf for those times when you pop out for lunch or a walk, and want to cover your shoulders and neck from the rays. Here are a few I am definitely coveting:

The first two come from Scout and Catalogue. The woman who started the company used to be a designer for Aritzia, and left that to start her own company. Her prints and styles are inspired by her love of Mexico, and the beachy prints are amazing. At the top of my list is the Nomad Scarf in indigo (all photos from Scout and Catalogue):

I love how light it looks, and its large size.

The next one I love is not really a summer scarf since it’s made partly of wool, but it’s too beautiful not to post here! It’s the Geometric Cloud scarf from Scout and Catalogue:

Someone in Canada please buy it for winter!

The other summer scarves I’m lusting after are from Nancybird, an Australian company that I’m totally obsessed with. They have really amazing accessories, including some nice scarves.

The first I love is the Lobster scarf (all images via Nancybird’s shop):

And their Scallop scarf is awesome too:

Both scarves are big enough to wrap around your neck like a large bandana, or cover the shoulders after a day at the beach.

What accessories are you loving right now?