by pambythesea

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a Vespa! The reality is that I will probably never get one because they’re fairly impractical and dangerous, but it’s fun dreaming. My friend Iaidine has one, and she offered to take me for a ride! We met up at the Saturday West End Markets on a nice, hot day and I hopped on.


I was really nervous! They are quite tippy, and also I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact I was wearing a tank top and workout pants. If I fell off, I was losing some skin! My dad and uncle were big motorcycle racers in their day, and I’ve heard the horror stories. When I mentioned that to Iaidine, she said, “well, it’s Brisbane”! It’s so casual here, and people are definitely more chill about safety.

Anywhoo, we were just fine! The highlight was driving down the main strip of West End! I pretended that everyone was looking at us thinking we were so cool, but in reality I don’t think anyone noticed. 🙂