Bag wants!

by pambythesea

I am currently in serious want of a new bag. I have a great bag for work that fits everything, but it’s too bigand heavy for carrying around all day. Thanks to my Mom who got me this bag a few Christmas’s ago! I still get compliments on it years later, and it still is in great shape.


Joe and I usually take a nice long walk on the weekend, and I want a bag for when we’re out and about, and I don’t need to carry 5 million things. I’m currently using my free (!) Micks Nuts tote bag which is alright, but it would be nice to have something more… permanent. Here are a few that I am lusting after.

First up is Nancybird, an amazing Australian label with awesome bags, scarves and homewares. I think I first saw them on Miss Moss, and when I visited their site I fell in love with this bag:



I am now stalking eBay to try and find it, because they are all sold out! I even emailed the company to see if they had any left. Not that I have the budget for it right now, but anywhoo…. If anyone has this bag and wants to give/ sell it to me, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! The love I have for this bag runs deep and true.

Since it seems that I won’t get my perfect bag, Nancybird has some other awesome choices. Their scarf bags are great because you can use them folded down in a smaller size, or readjust the straps for a larger bag. Super useful!


The honey scarf bag is really nice, and I like that it uses yellow and gray leather. 



The black scarf bag is also really nice, and the print makes it unique. 



Aargh, this print haunts me! Seriously, CALL ME IF YOU HAVE THIS BAG AND NO LONGER WANT TO HAVE IT!

Another bag I would like to own is one that will fit my laptop. My laptop bag was stolen a few years ago (along with my and Joe’s laptops from our apartment), and I would love to have this Shelter Prickley Mountain bag as an awesome replacement:



It’s just so cool and unique. 

Now I’m heading off, carrying my worldly possessions in one bag and my laptop in another.